josh brolin tommy lee jones 'Men in Black 3's' Josh Brolin on how he nailed Tommy Lee JonesIn “Men in Black 3,” actor Josh Brolin plays the younger version of Tommy Lee Jonescharacter, Agent K. And Brolin manages what his cast mates are calling a near-flawless impression of the elder actor, based on a little running joke he had with director, Barry Sonnenfeld.
“[It was] a bad impression that I used to do for Barry. You know, we’re out and we’re with the Coen [Brothers],” says Brolin. “You’re doing the Nick Noltes, the Tommy Lee Jones‘ — and really bad versions — then somebody calls you and says, ‘Hey! You wanna do this mega movie and play a young Tommy Lee Jones — for a billion people to judge?”
To prepare for the challenge, Brolin took isolated himself from the world and got down to work.
“I just went and rented a little motel down in Mexico with my computer and my GarageBand, and just kind of went through it,” he explains. “I got really frustrated, wanted to quit, wanted to call Sony and say, ‘You’re wasting your money doing this because I can’t do this.’ You know, all the actor stuff that people go through. And then you start to go, ‘Oh my god, that’s one thing that sounds good.'” 
Actually, Brolin compares the task of mastering Jones to an exercise in musical dexterity.
If his co-stars Will Smith and Jones offer trustworthy testament, Brolin aced his role, fulfilling one of his lifetime goals in the process.
“As a whole, serious movies are much more fun to work on than comedies because you’re compensating for the drama, so people usually have a brilliant time,” the actor observes when asked about his decision to join the mainstream flick. “It sounds so clich�, but I just want to keep challenging myself. My goal isn’t to do as many mega-films as I possibly can. My goal is to be on my deathbed and to look back and kind of chuckle. And I’m starting to chuckle now.”
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