mena suvari dress backless Mena Suvari's 'backless' dress dares to bare and puzzles fashion journalistsApparently, the fashion world was in a tailspin on Monday, trying to solve the weekend’s greatest mystery: Did Mena Suvari‘s seemingly backless dress at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s 100th anniversary actually defy gravity?

Unfortunately, no scientific breakthroughs were made in order to properly show off Suvari’s “WORD SOUND POWER” back tattoo. Though the LA Times apparently puzzled over it all night, and did some in-depth investigation that involved magnifying photos beyond recognition and consulting with eye witnesses, Suvari’s secret seems pretty obvious to us. We can even see it with the naked eye.

A sheer panel of fabric is attached to each side of the dress, meeting at Suvari’s spine with a typical bra closure — though, to be fair, we’re not sure Zac Efron could unhook this one too easily — to keep everything skin-tight. Clearly, the bustier is boned and structured to fit perfectly and avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

The dress was designed by Rachel Zoe’s former assistant Taylor Jacobson, who — while a worthy designer — is certainly no physics genius. It’s available from Maria Lucia Hohan, if you’re interested in defying gravity yourself.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie