palin family Mercede Johnston's Playboy claims: Track Palin a drug addict; Bristol got knocked up on purposeLook out, Palin family of Wasilla, Alaska: incoming! In an article slated for the September issue of Playboy, Mercede Johnston (sister of Levi and aunt to baby Tripp) makes several allegations about the Palin clan that will, we predict, serve as grounds for some kind of libel or defamation suit. Here’s to hoping Playboy heavily lawyered this thing before going to print.

In the article, Johnston (who also appears in a 4-page nude photo spread) claims:

>> Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston planned their unplanned pregnancy.

>> Bristol underwent “numerous” plastic surgeries both before and after Tripp’s birth.

>> The engagement of Bristol and Levi was totally fabricated — the pair never intended to marry.

>> Bristol stole her mother’s credit cards on several occasions to buy clothes and has sent nude pictures of herself to admirers.

>> Track Palin (who just became a father) is, claims Mercedes, addicted to OxyContin and cocaine.

>> Sarah Palin forced Track to join the military to keep him from tarnishing her image.

The article also alleges, according to, that Sarah Palin herself was spotted snorting cocaine off the counter at a local bar.

Levi and Mercede’s mother, Sherry Johnston, is currently serving a three-year sentence after she was convicted of dealing OxyContin.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson