Madonna-david-banda-adoption If there's one good thing to come out of Madonna's attempted adoption of little Mercy James, it may be that her missing father has surfaced. 

Or it may not be.

James Kambewa tells People he didn't know his daughter was alive until he saw her name in the Madonna adoption headlines. He says he knew that the girl's mother, Mwandida Maunde, 15, had died – and assumed the child was dead too.

"Now that I know [Mercy] is alive I am willing to support her," Kambewa tells the mag. He and Maunde were in high school when she got pregnant.

But Mercy's surviving relatives – who signed off on the adoption by Madonna – are not cool with the sudden reappearance of Mercy's father. "Where was he all this time?" asks her uncle Peter Baneti in a phone interview with People.

"He wasn't there when his girlfriend was pregnant; he didn't even attend her funeral when she died eight days after giving birth to Mercy," says Baneti.

Does Mercy's surprise baby daddy want a piece of this Madonna adoption action? Or does he seriously want to be part of his daughter's life and take care of her?

Color us suspicious. What do you think?

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Photo: Madonna and David Banda. Credits: FilmMagic.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead