meredith baxter today Meredith Baxter: Abused 'Family Ties' star was 'committed to being a victim'

When Meredith Baxter has something to get off of her chest, she goes straight to the “Today Show.” After coming out on the morning talk show as a lesbian in 2009, the “Family Ties” matron returns Mar. 1 with a very candid discussion about her marriage to David Birney.

Speaking with Matt Lauer about the revelations in her new book, “Untied,” Baxter says the physical and emotional abuse she endured during the 15-year marriage a lot to do with her mental state at the time.

“I had to change my thinking,” she says. “I had to look, if I did not want to be a victim — and I’d been committed to being a victim for a long time because it felt really warm and comfortable and familiar — but it was a disastrous position to be in. So I had to change my thinking. I had to look at, what was my part? What was in my thinking that told me it was okay to be in this relationship?”

Baxter didn’t discuss the details of the alleged abuse — you’ll have to read the book for that — but she did say that her work on “Family Ties” was a respite from her home life.

Watch the full interview here:

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell