Colin-Morgan-Merlin.jpgThe boy wizard is back! “Merlin” is returning to Syfy on January 6th and we can’t wait! Huge things have happened. King Uther (Anthony Head) is dead. Long live King Arthur (Bradley James). Morgana (Katie McGrath) is on the run and Merlin’s (Colin Morgan) is more powerful than ever.

In a clip from the brand new season, we get to see Arthur making a major decision, and possibly getting the snot kicked out of him. We also get to see another prophecy that might turn the best friends against each other. This show has gotten better and better every season! Also, we’re keeping our fingers crossed the Uther finds a way back … through magic.

After you watch the promo, take a look at the next video. It’s one of our favorites. It’s a bit of behind-the-scenes goofing off that never fails to make us smile.

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