Christmas Edition Dirty Laundry: We scour the Web for the latest holiday dirt. So you don’t have to.

A recoveringAmywinehouse Amy Winehouse has been frolicking in the Caribbean with her family. And naturally, she’s been doing it topless, which is perfectly natural and as God intended it (at least for some people).

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That other wild and wacky British singer Lily Allen‘s been doing some beach relaxation time. And her new slimmer bod is evidence that whatever diet (no booze?) she’s on is working!

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What? Hugh Hefner‘s Christmas card didn’t get to you this year?

No worries. Here’s what you’re missing: a look at his new twins. And that’s called airbrushing, not clothing, folks.

Wow. Who knew President-elect Barack Obama was such man candy in a swimsuit?

The future leader of the free world should go bare-chested more often!

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead