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OK. We admit it. 
Taking an entire day off from blogging about Tiger Woods and his money-grubbing mistresses, Susan Sarandon playing naked Ping Pong and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s shirt-ripping fights and unrestricted relationship has made us a little antsy. And a little bored.

So we were thrilled to create this Elf Yourself  Christmas video. (It’s the site from Office Max powered by Jib Jab that launched a couple years ago where one can make a video of oneself and one’s friends as maniacal dancing elves.)

]]>Take those digital photos you shot of your friends and family opening presents and turn them into Hip Hop, Classic or Disco dancing elves. You can even make them sing. You can also waste hours doing this and avoid having to go to the mall to exchange gifts. Trust me.

The Dish Rag and our four mischievous Maltese puppies, Toby, Timmy, Gypsy and Pixie wish you a Merry Elfing Christmas