miami zombie lsd face eating Miami zombie: LSD to blame for face eating cannibal?***Warning: This is graphic. Stop reading now if descriptions of cannibalism will be a problem for you.***

On Saturday (May 26), police shot and killed a man who was crouched over another man on a Miami causeway, chewing off his face. Both were naked. It took police several shots to kill the would-be cannibal and his victim is now in critical condition. Although no official explanation has surfaced, police — and others — are blaming a super-potent form of LSD and/or bath salts for the incident.

But would LSD really drive someone to — like a zombie out of “The Walking Dead” — gnaw on another person’s face, including chewing off a nose and both eyeballs?

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Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, thinks so. He tells CBS Miami that emergency room doctors, along with cops, have noticed a disturbing new trend in violence related to “bath salts” — a drug being called the new LSD.

But on Twitter, many remain skeptical, seeing the incident as a possible first strike in a zombie war and that the LSD explanation is really a cover up:

“The Miami Police is hiding the facts, the #Zombie apocalypse has started and they’re saying it was a guy that was high on LSD,” writes one.

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“Thats exactly what they want us to think – Miami cannibal was overdosing on new, super-potent LSD #zombies,” chimes in another.

“That guy ate that other guy’s face was likely to have used bath salts, not LSD,” tweets another. “Let’s not sully Roger Sterling’s life-altering experience.” (She’s referring to “Mad Men’s” own Season 5 acid trip storyline.)

Putting it all in perspective, though, is this big thinker: “If there really is face-eating-zombie LSD going around, then Bonnaroo is gonna be extra exciting this year.”

So far, the only “Walking Dead” voice to chime in on the attack is Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea on the AMC show.

“Don’t mean to stir the pot…but seriously, why were those dudes naked
in Florida? I mean, what’s the story there? The moment before,” she tweets.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson