secret nfl child abuse arrest Michael Boley's secret NFL child abuse arrest revealedNFL linebacker Michael Boley was quietly arrested for child abuse back in February, but the arrest is only coming to light now.

TMZ reports that Boley was arrested three days after he was cut from the New York Giants. He was supposed to go in front of a grand jury in February, but he managed to strike a plea deal with prosecutors before that date.

Boley pled guilty to child abuse and was ordered to enroll in a pre-trial diversion program. Once he completes that, the charge of abuse will be dropped. TMZ clarifies that the abuse was physical, not sexual, in nature.

It’s unclear if the Giants knew about Boley’s legal troubles before releasing him, though the New York Post says they did not. Boley had previously been arrested in 2008 on charges of battery with his wife. In 2011, he was investigated for alleged abuse charges involving his son, who was 5-years-old at the time. Boley has six children.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz