michael bolton 2012 gi Michael Bolton: TV comedy star? Sure, why notMichael Bolton is really finding his comedy groove. After guest starring in the season premiere of “Two and a Half Men” and playing “Jack Sparrow” in a “Saturday Night Live” digital short, Bolton will star in an ABC comedy pilot “Michael Bolton’s Daughter is Destroying My Life.”

According to Deadline, the idea for the project came from actress Allison Miller (currently co-starring on NBC’s “Go On” as Matthew Perry’s assistant, Carrie) inspired by some real celebrity encounters she had when she first moved to Los Angeles. The series would focus on a young writer who gets a gig as the social media manager for Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Michael Bolton, only to discover that working for Bolton and his rebellious daughter is more complicated than she ever could’ve imagined.

Based on the logline, it sounds an awful lot like a variation on ABC’s “Don’t Trust the B—-“ — a slightly cheesy celebrity playing an exaggerated version of himself, and a naive young woman clashing with a more free-spirited frenemy — but the project is still in development, so it’s too early to predict how it’ll actually turn out.

Either way, we’re curious about the idea of Bolton in a comedy. We always thought his version of “When a Man Loves a Woman” was pretty funny.

Would you watch a Michael Bolton comedy series?

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