Question: how many degrees of separation do you need to connect Michael Bolton and Paula Abdul. Answer: only one (and a Skype connection).

It was revealed on last night’s (Oct. 10) “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that a young Michael Bolton babysat a young Paula Abdul. Cue the 80s explosion. Apparently, Bolton was friends with Abdul’s older sister which meant that someone had to occasionally watchdog the future reality judge. Bolton was mum on a mysterious incident involving a pencil stabbing and a hospital trip, but all is seemingly forgiven as Jimmy Kimmel sat by and facilitated a somewhat awkwardly long lovefest.

They were too young for “When a Man Loves a Woman” or “Opposites Attract,” but we’re sure it was “Straight Up” adorable. And it ranks number 3 on our fantasy list of 80s babysitter relationship.  You want to see the list, you say?

5. Rick James babysits Tina Yothers  

4. Patrick Duffy babysits Emmanuel Lewis

3. Michael Bolton babysits Paula Abdul

2. Lark Voorhies babysits Richard Grieco

1. Conrad Bain babysits Ricky Schroeder

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