PTImbz*wZjM2YmZmMWQxN2M*YzIwYjE4YjI*MjFkZDlkZWJmOSZvZj*w Michael Douglas could lose his voice in throat cancer fight

Michael Douglas has been the raspy introductory voice of the weekday NBC “Nightly News” since 2007. But the treatment for his newly discovered throat cancer may damage or destroy his distinctive voice.

Dr. Kenneth Hu, co-director of the Head and Neck Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, tells “Good Morning America” that the news that Douglas will receive eight weeks of radiation therapy initially is a good sign that the cancer has been caught early and is curable.

But he adds that the actor’s voice will probably emerge hoarser and raspier than it was.  And if throat surgery is also necessary to remove the cancer, there is a risk of permanently damaging the actor’s vocal cords, which could cause the loss of his voice.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead