michaeljackson3 290 Michael Jackson is still alive! Uh huh. Sure.Frankly, we’re surprised it took this long for “Michael Jackson isn’t dead” theories to bubble up. Two months after his death, though, the conspiracy theories have begun to surface.

Take, for instance, this video posted to Live Leak. The poster says he or she obtained the footage “from a trustworthy source” and claims to have “checked the license plate” on the coroner’s van to verify that it was the same one used to transport Jackson’s body on June 25. Have a look:

So, yes, a guy in Jackson’s standard white shirt-black pants outfit hops out of the back of the van. The person also looks like he’s wearing a hood — which is probably further fuel to the conspiracy (He was taking precautions to conceal his faked death!). But if you’re going to fake your own death, shouldn’t you pay the coroner’s office a little extra to make sure the parking garage is secure?

We’ll believe this is true when Jackson announces he’s touring with Elvis and Tupac.

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Posted by:Rick Porter