michael jackson bird poop ebay gi Michael Jackson's image rendered in bird droppings on a windshield

Thanks to some magic from the King of Pop — or maybe thanks to a bird with good aim — an image that kind of looks like the late Michael Jackson appeared on a windshield in Illinois. The image rendered in bird droppings gained notoriety when the windshield’s owner recognized the poop’s spiritual importance and posted it for sale on eBay.

Does this mean that you could have the chance to own your very own King of Plop? Alas, no. An unfortunate spell of rain has ended that hope, and bird-poop Michael Jackson is but a memory.

The sad and strange saga of the Michael Jackson poop began on Wednesday (Aug. 8) when a bird defecated on a car belonging to Brandon Tutor of Oswego, Ill. Tutor instantly recognized the pale face and longish hair of the latter-day Michael Jackson. Then, as Tutor explained to the Chicago Sun-Times, the image became clearer “after it hardened.”

michael jackson bird poop king of plop brandon tutor Michael Jackson's image rendered in bird droppings on a windshield
Understanding greatness when he saw it, Tutor got to work spreading the word of Jackson’s fecal return. An ad appeared on eBay, offering the entire Jackson-blessed windshield at a minimum bid of $500. An official Facebook page followed, givng devotees the chance to purchase T-shirts and coffee cups emblazoned with the image of the King of Plop.

Then tragedy struck. Despite a mostly dry summer, rain arrived beat down upon the image, erasing fame and feces alike. According to a Monday (Aug. 13) post on the Facebook page, “The ‘king of Plop’ has melted away… There was a leak in the protective plastic and he is no more. As such the eBay bid is over :(“

Thus, like Michael Jackson himself, the King of Plop became but a sad memory. But at least you can still buy a T-shirt!

Posted by:Laurel Brown