michael lohan kate major baby pregnant Michael Lohan and Kate Major on their new baby and Lindsay's troublesMichael Lohan is about to be a father for the sixth time, and he opened up to Zap2it about his impending new arrival with girlfriend Kate Major while on set in Los Angeles filming an appearance on the court show “Judge Alex.”

The couple won’t reveal the gender or due date of their little bundle of joy — “We try to stay low key, that’s why we’re [living] in Florida,” Lohan says — but they’re excited about the new baby.

“I’m really happy,” mom-to-be Major tells Zap2it exclusively. “I feel
good. I was sick in the beginning — not really sick, it was more just
tired. I didn’t have a lot of energy.”

As for the initial reports that the two had a no contact order (or some other sort of court injunction preventing them from being together), both Major and Lohan say that’s not the case. “No, absolutely not,” Lohan says. “She’s pregnant, how can there be a no contact order? I think it takes contact to get somebody pregnant.”

Lohan also spoke to Zap2it about his eldest daughter, Lindsay, who is currently in Atlanta filming “Scary Movie 5.” The two are on good terms, and Lohan was actually supposed to stay at Lindsay’s house while he filmed “Judge Alex” (he and Major were put up in a hotel by the production instead).

Although Lindsay’s career seems to be on an upswing, she’s still faced plenty of legal troubles — she was recently accused of stealing jewelry from a friend’s house, but her dad says he helped debunk that rumor.

“I kind of broke that case,” he tells Zap2it. “I spoke to the owner of the house myself and I cleared it up. He told me nothing was stolen. And then one thing led to another with Suge Knight‘s son. I called Suge Knight up and I said ‘What’s going on here?’ And he said ‘My son had nothing to do with it and from what I understand neither did your daughter.'”

Lohan says he’s disappointed at how quickly that story spread, even though his daughter was innocent.

“A rumor gets started, one thing leads to another, the police get involved, they have to investigate and all of a sudden these accusations are made,” he laments. “How many times has this been done?”

He continues: “I’m not sticking up for her when she’s wrong, or myself. When you do things you have to pay a price. But when you’re right, you’re right, and people don’t publicize that part. … But you know what, God knows and that’s all that really matters.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley