michael mosley scrubs Michael Mosley 'Scrubs' in on ABCMichael Mosley is Drew Suffin, Dr. Cox’s  No. 1 guy on the ninth season of “Scrubs.” Find out how Michael got there and what might be in store for his character.

After high school and a brief try at college, Michael Mosley packed up and moved to Boston with a friend. “We were in and out of youth hostels — when we weren’t sleeping in our car,” laughs Mosley. Eventually he landed in New York’s Academy of Dramatic Arts, which snowballed into small roles on series “The Education of Max Bickford” and “Kidnapped” and in the movie “Swimmers.”

But it wasn’t until Mosley’s fiancee Anna Camp was cast as Sarah Newlin on “True Blood” that he finally made the trek out west to California and landed the role of Drew Suffin on “Scrubs.”

It sounds like a dream job. “Everybody’s been really great and really nice and just very supportive and cool,” says Mosley, “All we do is laugh, that’s all we do all day long.”

It isn’t Mosley’s first time working with “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence. They previously worked on a pilot called “Alpha Mom” that didn’t get picked up but it gave Mosley this new opportunity with “Scrubs.”

One of the most interesting aspects of “Scrubs: Med School” is the new romance between Mosley’s Drew Suffin and Eliza Coupe’s Dr. Denise Mahoney. “They have a very strange relationship, those two,” says Mosley, “They hate the fact that they’re in love with each other and that anybody could puncture that armor they’ve built around themselves.”

When it’s pointed out that he said they were in love with each other, Mosley laughs and says it might be love, but viewers will just have to wait and see. If “Scrubs” doesn’t work out, Mosley already has an idea for a spin-off — “What Drew did for the 10 years between med schools.” Since it’s been revealed already that Drew spent some time in prison, set a shrimp boat on fire and was stabbed by a 12 year-old in a petting zoo, that might be a helluva spin-off.

Michael’s final thoughts on “Scrubs?”

We’re having a blast making it. The writer’s have done an amazing job of putting together this painting of people and the lives of these med students and we really want people to take the journey with us.

“Scrubs” airs on ABC every Tuesday night at 9 pm ET/PT.

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