Michaelphelps Olympic gold-medal-winning swimmer extraordinaire Michael Phelps –- a guy who could literally have any gorgeous supermodel or actress he wanted — brought a Las Vegas cocktail waitress he’s dating home to Maryland for Thanksgiving.

According to People, her name is Caroline “Caz” Pal and she’s 26. He’s been dating the Palms Casino Resort Moon nightclub waitress for about two months while working on his poker game so he can participate in the 2009 World Series of Poker.

He’s already made it to the finals table for the Caesars Palace Poker Classic. 

Well, he does have kind of a goofy poker face. Flipper just may have a future in cards!

Why do we bet Mom and Dad were less than thrilled about their son bringing home his Vegas sweetie?

Imagine the T-day family dinner chat.

"So where did you kids meet? Oh, he left you a big tip on the fifth round of margaritas so you gave him your cell number and let him grope you? Isn’t that sweet…"

To see photos of Phelps actually groping a blond cocktail waitress believed to be Caz at the Moon nightclub, click here.

I guess no one told Michael that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Maybe the fam can explain the concept to him.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead