michael phelps golf deal Michael Phelps golf deal with Ping: Will he head to the 2016 Olympics?

Michael Phelps‘ golf deal with equipment manufacturer Ping is a sign that he is fully transitioning from swimming to golf. Phelps has already signed on to “The Haney Project” with the Golf Channel, and now he’s made a deal to have Ping provide his golf clubs.

“It’s pretty wild,” he tells the Associated Press after being fitted with clubs at Ping’s Arizona facilities. “It’s crazy to think this sport is so technical. A lot of sports are very technical, but one of the (Ping) guys said there’s 50-something different shafts they can put on the clubs. I’m used to having a pair of goggles, a small, medium or large swim cap, and a jammer to put on, and that’s it.”

With golf joining the Olympic program in 2016 at the Rio Games, there’s always a chance Phelps could jump on board. After all, he’s already won 18 gold medals in Olympic swimming, so why not try something that’s a bit more of a challenge?

“Hey, you never know,” Phelps responds with a chuckle. “Being a golfer at the Olympics would be kind of fun.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz