michael phelps Michael Phelps secretly dated new Miss California Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson is the newly crowned Miss California 2010. Congratulations and all. But uh-oh, she’s already stirring up controversy — by revealing a secret long-term relationship with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. 

Remember Michael also was rumored to have dated former Miss California and solo sex tape star Carrie Prejean.

]]>According to TMZ, Johnson said, “Now that it is after the fact, I will admit that we were together. We agreed to keep this private because it was the only thing that he could keep private … we remain close friends.” 

Friends with Benefits? That kind of close friends?

Johnson says she and bong-hitter Michael only dated for a little over a year between 2007 and 2008.

What is with Phelps and beauty queens? We can’t even make the excuse that he has a thing for blonds. Nicole is a brunette. And we’ve only just forgiven Michael for possibly dating Carrie Prejean.

OK so we have to give him an out: maybe he was a little buzzed at the time. 

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Photo credits: Michael and his mother Dora Phelps at the ESPY Awards. Keep an eye on him, Mom.