rosenbaum glasses Michael Rosenbaum reveals 'Smallville' finale details, pays homage on 'Breaking In'Michael Rosenbaum just can’t escape “Smallville.”

Not that he’s complaining. Quite the opposite, actually. His new FOX show “Breaking In,” which premieres April 6, has an upcoming episode that takes place at Comic-Con. Zap2it was on the set and got a sneak peek at all the costumes.

Guess what Rosenbaum’s character Dutch will be wearing? You guessed it — a Superman shirt. Before you go thinking he’s dressed as the Man of Steel, he is actually dressed as a beloved ’80s character who happens to wear a Superman shirt. Speculate away!

“It’s a little homage. Adam Goldberg, the creator, really asked a lot and I said, ‘Whatever you want,'” Rosenbaum says of the meta moment. “It’s comedy, let’s make fun of ourselves. I’ll put on a Superman shirt, I’ll do whatever.”

Speaking of whatever, his character Dutch seems to be down for whatever, something Rosenbaum embraces. He describes him as “complete douche on the outside, nice guy on the inside,” who wears Uggs, bleaches his hair and wears two watches at the same time.

“Smallville” fans looking for their favorite bald-headed anti-hero are in for a shock, to say the least. So what does Rosenbaum think his fans’ initial reaction will be to Dutch? “The first fan reaction would be like, ‘I like him better as Lex. He looks better bald. He shouldn’t be on this show. He should be Lex forever,'” he teases affectionately. “that would probably be their first reaction. Hopefully some of them will go, ‘Oh, he’s actually kind of funny. This is good,’ or maybe not.  I think one thing they’ll appreciate is that whatever character I do, I go balls out.”

tom michael pilot Michael Rosenbaum reveals 'Smallville' finale details, pays homage on 'Breaking In'Obviously, we had to be greedy and ask Rosenbaum for even more scoop on the series finale of “Smallville,” and while he wouldn’t reveal too much — like if he shot any scenes with anyone besides Tom Welling — he did say you will be seeing more of Lex Luthor than you might have originally thought.

“We did a lot. I know people thought, ‘Oh, he only went up for one day.’
We did 19 hours,” he explains. “Okay, for anyone out there who is like, ‘Oh, he only
went out there for one day,’ I was up there for 19 hours.”

He continues, “We did
four different things. Two nice scenes and then two other specialty
things that I won’t tell you about. I’m a part of the finale and I
think it’s important.”

Count ’em, people. That’s four Lex scenes/”specialty things” you can look forward to. We now leave it to you to debate just what those specialty things are.

Finally, we asked Rosenbaum what “Smallville” has meant to him personally. He took a moment before answering, “The show is a big part of my life. I did seven years of it and you know, I know the make-up artist and the hair people — well, not the hair people [laughs] — but I know the make-up artist better than I know my own family. I spent two hours a day with them a day for seven years, you know, the whole crew. I had nicknames for the whole crew.

“It’s a part of life, a part of my life that I’ll always remember and that I’ll look fondly on,” he says. “What can I say? Great times. It’s nice that it’s finally ending, to end that chapter in your life.”

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