OK, sorry there's no video of the Volturi actors Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning, Jamie Campbell-Brown and Cameron Bright at Friday's "New Moon" junket.

51TW49HQKDL._SL500_AA280_ But at least you get to see one of my most flattering angles. Remind me to point the lens away next time ….

The Volturi cast talked about their action-figure dolls.

"That is one of the goals for an actor to have a doll with a pull string that says one of your lines," says Bright, who describes having photos taken for the dolls.

"I lose days with my Lucien (from "Underworld") figure and my Aro figure," added Sheen. "We have tea parties. Then we fight," he explained, pretending to make two dolls fight in mid-air.

He added that sometimes Dakota would bring her "Dreamer" action figure over for tea and a good doll fight.

We half believe him.

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Photo: Lucien doll. Credit: Amazon

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead