michael-strahan-kelly-ripa-co-host-live-with-kelly-getty.jpgAfter months of speculation and a rotating roster of guest co-hosts, TMZ reports that former NFL star Michael Strahan will be joining Kelly Ripa as Regis Philbin’s permanent replacement on “Live! With Kelly.”

TMZ’s sources at ABC say Strahan will be named co-host when Ripa makes her big announcement on the show on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Strahan’s rep was reportedly spotted outside the network’s building in New York City on Tuesday (Aug. 21), “grinning from ear to ear.”  

Strahan auditioned for the job early this summer and had been thought by some to be a frontrunner for the gig.

“All bets are on Michael Strahan,” a source told Hollywood Life in May. “He’s funny, does well on camera and gets along really fabulously with Kelly. Michael is the top name that is seriously being thrown around right now.”

However, Josh Groban and Seth Meyers were both recently thought to be the ones to beat for the job.

Are you excited to see Strahan sitting next to Ripa on a permanent basis?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper