Quarterback Michael Vick, who spent 18 months in prison for dog fighting, has recently signed a new contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. And he's also given an interview to "60 Minutes" and posted this blog item to express remorse for his past actions.

Here's part of his blog-ology.

"I'm sorry. 

That's the place where I need to begin.  My feeling of remorse. 

I ain't never written a blog before, so putting my thoughts down on

paper is a challenge — however it's a challenge I must face.   I can look a 250 pound linebacker

in his eyes at the line of scrimmage and have no fear. But expressing myself

when I know that there are millions of people who are so angry with me, and

rightfully so, is a challenge unlike any other I have faced before.

"What I did was horrendous.  Awful. Inhumane.  

And I've no excuses for my actions.  It makes my heart hurt now to think about what I've

done.  And I'm gonna be real

honest, it took a while for me to get to this place.

"Sitting in a prison cell didn't make me feel remorse.  It was meeting so many animal lovers,

speaking with them and looking them in their eyes. Staring at them.  Looking so deep into their eyes that I

began to feel their pain. Allowing that pain to enter into my body is when I

started to understand how bad it really was.   I have been trying hard to connect with people who

feel this pain, because for my whole life I was disconnected from the suffering

of animals.  And you might say,

"come on Mike, how could you do those things to those dogs?"  And you're right … I ask myself those questions every day.  What kind of person does this?  How does a human-being treat dogs or

any animal with such pain and cruelty? And the hard part for me is the answer

to these questions.  Because the

answer is ME.  And I am trying so

hard right now to become a better person, because who I was, I am ashamed of."

Michael points out that he grew up in a bad environment but that is still no excuse. And he wants to stop dog fighting and is working with the Humane Society in launching a new campaign against the crime.

Some folks are so quick to forgive and forget.

Read this blog item on the PETA website about his refusal to take an Empathy Test.

What do you think? Is he really sincere or just trying to gain back the public respect he has lost?

Do you trust him?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead