michael vick oprah Michael Vick misses dogs, says the media is the only one holding a grudgeMichael Vick may never have rescheduled that interview with Oprah Winfrey, but he’s opening up yet again about his 2007 conviction and prison sentence for dog-fighting and the surprising public rehabilitation that followed.

GQ will release a full profile on Aug. 18, and, in the meantime, Deadspin has posted some of the highlights from the interview. And one thing the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback apparently makes clear is how much he’s a fan of our four-legged friends.

“I miss dogs, man,” he tells GQ. “I always had a family pet, always had a dog growing up. It was almost equivalent to the prison sentence, having something taken away from me for three years. I want a dog just for the sake of my kids, but also me. I miss my companions.”

As a part of his 2007 sentence, Vick is now under a court-ordered ban from him owning a pet. And this isn’t the first time he’s lamented the ruling. He told the New York Daily News in 2010 that he hopes it might one day be lifted, suggesting it even help with his rehabilitation.

Vick’s rehabilitation seems extensive. He recently endorsed a anti-animal fighting bill to the House Judiciary Committee alongside Humane Society president and CEO Wayne Pacelle.

But as he tells GQ, much of the continued furor over his dog-fighting days is just because the media can’t let go.

“They are writing as if everyone feels that way and has the same opinions they do,” says Vick. “But when I go out in public, it’s all positive, so that’s obviously not true.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell