michael vick philadelphia eagles gi Michael Vick out for the season: Is this karma?After two suffering two concussions during the 2012 season, Michael Vick is out as quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The team has had a failing season, which Philly fans blame largely on Coach Andy Reid — who is likely to be joining Vick soon on the unemployment line.

But even before Vick was benched for head injuries, his performance was disappointing, with turnovers in the double digits by mid-October.

The Eagles’ backup QB, Nick Foles, started — and lost — yet another game Sunday, this time against the  division rival Dallas Cowboys, after Vick failed a concussion test and was benched from practice.

Monday the team announced Vick would sit out the rest of the season — unless he recovers, in which case he’ll be the backup to Foles, according to a report by Yahoo Sports. Vick will lose out on $10 million for the 2013 season if Philadelphia releases him.

Some would argue Vick’s time in federal prison was punishment enough for his gruesome crimes against canines, but others might insist Vick’s failing career is part of the karmic cycle for his past bad acts.

What do you think? Is karma coming back to bite Michael Vick?

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