During the latest GOP presidential debate on Tuesday night (Oct. 18), Congresswoman Michele Bachmann gave her stance on taxes and the tax code. She says that the code needs a complete overhaul and that everyone should pay federal income tax, regardless of how much money they earn.

“I believe absolutely every American benefits by this magnificent country. Absolutely every American should pay something, even if it’s just a dollar,” says Bachmann. “I want to completely abolish the tax code. I want to flatten the tax for all Americans. Simplify the tax for all Americans.”

OK, that sounds fine. A flat tax rate, where everyone pays, say, 10% of their income with no loop holes or exemptions and then gets to keep 90% of their earnings – that sounds fine.

Of course, back on Sept. 23, Bachmann said at the GOP debate du jour, “I think you earned every dollar, you should get to keep every dollar
that you earn. That’s your money, that’s not the government’s money.
That’s the whole point. Barack Obama seems to think that when we earn
money it belongs to him, and we’re lucky just to keep a little bit of
it. I don’t think that at all. I think when people make money it’s their

Well. OK, then.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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