michelle maclaren gi Michelle MacLaren to direct 'Wonder Woman,' and her TV credits should have you excited

Warner Bros. has found its “Wonder Woman” director in TV veteran Michelle MacLaren, who has signed on to develop and helm the big superhero movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Wonder Woman” will follow “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” to theaters.
Though MacLaren’s name might not immediately ring a bell, chances are you’re a fan of her work without even realizing it. She’s responsible for directing some of the most memorable episodes of shows like “Game of Thrones,” “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad.” Below, take a took at the best evidence you’ll find that MacLaren is more than worthy to be the one bringing “Wonder Woman” to modern audiences in a new movie. You’ll also see proof that she’ll likely do an amazing job.
‘Games of Thrones’ Season 3, episode 7: ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’

Wonder Woman is the strongest female character in the DC universe — if not in all of comic books — and she needs to be portrayed as such. Seeing how MacLaren handled Brienne of Tarth fighting a bear should instill some confidence that she can do the warrior princess justice.
‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5, episode 13: ‘To’hajiilee’

“To’hajiilee” is hands-down one of the most tense hours of TV you’ll ever see. As a precursor to “Ozymandias” — highly regarded as “Breaking Bad’s” greatest episode — it’s the moment Hank finally catches Walt, though any celebrations were short-lived. Bringing even an ounce of that tension to the big screen would be remarkable.
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, episode 7: ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’

More heartbreaking than just about any movie you’ll ever see are the final moments of “Pretty Much Dead Already.” Rick having to kill Carol’s daughter — who now happens to be a walker — was one of the most emotional moments in the series and was handled perfectly.
‘The Leftovers’ Season 1, episode 8: ‘Cairo’

MacLaren is obviously talented when it comes to storytelling on a grand scale, from the zombie apocalypse to a showdown with drug dealers. But as can be seen in “Cairo,” she handles the quieter moments just as well. It’s not as easy to make those scenes as riveting as a battle, but the above exchange between Justin Theroux and Ann Dowd shows MacLaren can handle it with ease.
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