Michelle Obama had a little slip of the tongue during an interview with a CBS affiliate in Burlington, Vt. The first lady accidentally refers to herself as a “busy single mother.” Then she explains it’s actually her husband, President Barack Obama, who’s so busy she feels single.
Mrs. Obama was trying to get the message across that actual single moms don’t always have the resources to feed their children healthy food. “Believe me,” she starts. “As a busy single mother — or, I shouldn’t say ‘single.’ As a busy mother … sometimes when you’ve got the husband who is president, it can feel a little single. But he’s there.” 
After catching her flub, Mrs. Obama continued. “But as a busy working mom, and before coming to the White House, I was in that position as well,” she says. “Working, driving kids to practice, not having enough time to shop or cook. Not having the energy.”
The First Lady says she would like to see farmers markets offer shuttle service to under served communities, giving the real single mothers out there healthy options.

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