michelleobama pg Michelle Obama: Most fascinating person of the year? One word. Duh.

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of this here United States of America, is the most fascinating person of 2009 according to Barbara Walters … and 21% of the Zap2it voters (as of posting time).

During her sit down with Walters that aired on Wednesday as part of the annual “10 Most Facinating People” holiday special, Obama said she’s had a  busy 2009: getting her children settled in a new home, a new family pet, visiting countries with her husband.

But we knew all that already. Walters went straight to the heart of the matter in talking about Obama’s guns. Yes, those killer arms. Obama says her work out routine hasn’t changed even though her lifestyle has (she admits to having those “pinch me, I’m dreaming” moments when she’s welcomed home to the White House). “It’s determination more than anything else,” she said.

And if you wonder what the First Mom considers a guilty pleasure, wonder no more. Really bad TV. She swears shows about food and fashion are best watched with the First Pet on her lap.

“If I can get an hour of them once a week, it feels like heaven,” she says.

(We’ll get to see more of the Obama’s in the Dec. 13 “Christmas at the White House” special with Oprah Winfrey on ABC at 10 p.m. EST.)

We know you readers wanted Taylor Swift for the No. 1 spot, but there’s always next year. The girl can’t have it all in one year. What else can she work toward?

In case you missed the event … here’s the rest of the list:

ladygaga_barbarawalters_290.jpg10. Lady Gaga. The self-proclaimed performance artist says she’s not superficial or attention-seeking. She merely aspires to be a teacher to her younger fans. She thought of herself as a freak growing up and doesn’t want that to be the case for the next generation.

“I want to free them of their fears, so they can create their space in the world.”

9. Jenny Sanford, wife of disgraced South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford).

8. Tyler Perry. The producer, actor, and director tells Walters he sees himself on an island somewhere smoking his first joint in the next 10 years.

7. Kate Gosselin. The mom of eight says the TLC show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was like heaven on earth. It allowed her family things that wouldn’t have been possible. So why did her estranged husband shut down the production? “Because he could.”

6. Glenn Beck, the conservative shock jock/FOX News pundit thinks Americans aren’t having real debates about issues.

adamlambert barbarawalters 290 Michelle Obama: Most fascinating person of the year? One word. Duh.5. Adam Lambert. The “American Idol” is still fixated on that American Music Awards business. He has no regrets about his performance and chalks it up to “adrenaline being a funny, funny thing.”  

4. Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings quarterback

3. Sarah Palin. Yes, the first time Walters has had the same person on the list two years in a row. All the former GOP vice-presidential candidate admits to openly is she wants to be more patient; has many things she’d like to change about her appearance; and she has no idea why people find her so fascinating. Oh, and she invited “The View” host to share some moose chili with her.

“It’s so clean and healthy protein.”

2. Michael Jackson’s children. Since Walters only honors the living with her list she focused on Jacko’s legacy.

Do you think Walters’ made the right choices for the 2009 list?    

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Barbara Walters confirms Adam Lambert is one of her 10 most fascinating

Photo credits: Getty Images (Obama), ABC (Gaga, Lambert)

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