first lady michelle obama live with kelly and michael Michelle Obama prefers President sans boxers or briefs, she jokes on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by “Live with Kelly and Michael” Friday (Oct. 19), where she shared some cute familiar anecdotes and played a lightning-round style of questions.

Dessert of choice: Pie
First job: Babysitting
Last thing she does before bed: Say a prayer, kiss the girls goodnight
Favorite White House room: The yellow oval room, right off the residence balcony
Morning person or night owl: Morning person, can’t stay awake past 9 o’clock
Boxers or briefs for the President: None of the above, she cracks. “Just kidding!” The audience hoots and hollers.
Best present President ever gave her: My children
Life of the party or party pooper: Before 9 o’clock, life of the party.
Karaoke song: Any Stevie Wonder
President’s karaoke song: Al Green, any Al Green, or Marvin Gaye. He can sing and I can dance.
Celebrity crush: Denzel, George Clooney, Will Smith
Guilty pleasure: French fries
Superpower: I would fly
Reality show: I do love a little ‘Real Housewives’ every now and then

The First Lady also shares about how her husband helps coach the Vipers, Sasha’s rec league basketball team, which also happens to include Vice President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Maisy.

“Any given Saturday, it could be the President, the Vice President, me, Jill Biden, their kids, our kids, in a litle rec gym, with all the [secret service]. And they’re screaming and yelling, ‘Shoot! Shoot, Maisy! Pass!’ … I’m telling them, you cannot scream at these little girls, you’re the President!” says Michelle.

Kelly Ripa asks, “Does the referee ever say, ‘Mr. President, one more outburst…'”

And Michelle admits, “Barack trash-talks the refs and one ref is like, ‘Sit down!'”

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