michelle obama not pregnant Michelle Obama pregnant? Yeah ... noWell, at least it’s not a death rumor.

As Pop2it continues on the holiday-weekend fake-news patrol, we can inform you that despite what the Internet may say, first lady Michelle Obama is not, in fact, pregnant with her third child.

Best we can tell, the source for the, ahem, news is the Weekly World News, the supermarket tabloid-turned-website that’s most famous for chronicling the likes of Bat Boy, the world’s fattest baby and space aliens who have an interest in presidential campaigns. The WWN’s story includes an alleged quote from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, but there’s no record of a Gibbs statement anywhere else — and you’d figure that most media outlets would pick up on a story like that if it were true.

Digging a little further, the Toronto Sun ran a story earlier this week in which a Canadian psychic predicted the first lady would have a baby in 2011. The same psychic also, however, predicted a gold rush in Hawaii and that the Playboy mansion would burn down. So, um, yeah.

Posted by:Rick Porter