Jimmy Fallon ain’t messin’ with Michelle Obama‘s dougie. The First Lady joins the “Late Night” host for “Evolution of Mom Dancing,” a send-up of the viral video, “Evolution of Dance.” The Fallon-Obama dance off, which preceded her sit-down interview Friday night (Feb. 22), was introduced in honor of the Michelle’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

Jimmy wears a wig with a pink cardigan and khaki capri pants, while Michelle quickly joins him wearing a slightly more stylish mom costume. The pair dance side-by-side, demonstrating classic moves like the “Sprinkler,” “Raise the Roof,” and the “Hip Bump.” The dance battle is peppered with some not-so-classic moves as well, including the “Happy Snapper,” “Out of Sync Electric Slide,” and “Just the Hands Part of Single Ladies.”

Jimmy is put to shame, however, and exits stage right when Michelle busts out with the “Dougie.” The dance move, popularized by Cali Swag District with their hit song, “Teach Me How to Dougie,” has been performed by everyone from Kate Upton to Chris Brown. And this was not Mrs. Obama’s first time showing off her version. In March 2011, the hip mom joined a group of middle school students for her rendition of the dance as part of their campus “Let’s Move” workshop.

In the past, Justin Bieber has taught Regis Philbin how to dougie, and McKayla Maroney has given a lesson to Jenna Bush. No word on whether McKayla was impressed with Jenna’s performance.

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