michelle shocked slur Michelle Shocked: Slur causes singer to respond on Twitter

In the aftermath of Michelle Shocked‘s anti-gay marriage rant at a San Francisco show, the singer has taken to Twitter to respond to those who have turned against her.

“I’m abiding, letting everyone’s true colors show before I undertake a personal response to each & every tweet,” she tweeted in response to a fan. ” Im not asking you to trust me, but have a little faith. You weren’t there, now doing your best to gather facts #shortsharpshocked.”

Shocked continued to respond to people on Twitter, her underlying message being, “If you weren’t there, then don’t think you know what happened.” As for her views on gay rights, she tweeted, “Am neither against a woman’s right to choose nor gay marriage. Am a fundamentalist tho.”

Following the tirade, venues have dropped Shocked’s planned performances. Ten of the 11 shows she had planned have now been canceled. Yoshi’s, the San Francisco venue where the now-infamous rant occurred, said Shocked will never be allowed to play there again.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz