Here’s today’s Dirty Laundry. We scour the Web for the latest dirt. So you don’t have to.

Michelle Williams plans to make a movie of Heath Ledger’s life for his daughter? Sweet.

Has Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood left his wife and run off with an 18-year-old fan? Or did he just fall off the wagon? Again.

Is Jamie Lynn Spears turning out just like her big sis, Britney Spears? Or does she just have a major Diet Coke addiction?

Do you like Miley Cyrus better as a blond? This hue’s got our vote over Miley’s dreadful Morticia black dye job.

How much would you pay for Jessica Alba’s baby pix? 

And why did Matthew McConaughey‘s baby get more money than Jessica’s?

What baby congrats did Tom Cruise really send to Nicole Kidman?

Photo: Michelle and Heath at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead