michelle williams twitter Michelle Williams on playing Marilyn Monroe: 'I grew up with a picture of her in my bedroom'Michelle Williams didn’t cut any corners when it came to researching her most iconic role yet. For her turn in “My Week With Marilyn,” she poured herself into the part.

“I was never really a very good student,” she tells Ellen DeGeneres on her Friday, Oct. 28 show. “I didn’t go to school for a terribly long time. I think I’m making up for it now. I worked so hard. I read all the books. I watched the movies. I was obsessed with her. I woke up with her every morning and I went to bed with her every night, in a way.”

Williams reveals that she’s a longtime fan of the late actress. “Yeah, I grew up with a
picture of her in my bedroom.  I had this picture of her wearing a white
dress and she was barefoot running through the grass in
Connecticut…That was sort of my primary connection to her. That’s the
Marilyn I loved.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie