Mickeyrourkeevanrachelwood_toronto_ Evan Rachel Wood, 21, has openly denied rumors that she was romantically involved with her “Wrestler” dad, Golden Globe winner Mickey Rourke, 56.

But …

According to Fox News Pop Tarts, the pair were spotted at Grey Goose’s official SAG after-party at the Shrine after the show. They then showed up at the late-night after-party at the Four Seasons Hotel.

According to Pop Tarts spies, the actress “went upstairs with Rourke (whose second marriage ended over a decade ago) when he suddenly grabbed her for a lip-lock in the outside area of the swanky five-star hotel.”

Well, there’s lip locks and there’s lip locks, I always say.

A little dip, flourish and a closed lip press, ehhh. That’s kinda sweet and in keeping with the celebratory mood. Although, to be honest, since Mickey lost, what were they celebrating exactly?

But let’s get down and dirty. Were there tongues involved? Was it a spit swap?

Unless I get some concrete evidence, I’m calling this a misunderstanding.

What do you think? Is Mickey on a self-destruct mission. First, he announces he’s doing Wrestle Mania, now he’s rumored to be making out with his on-screen daughter? Oscar voters don’t like that stuff! Or do they?

It’s worth noting that Evan, bless her heart, hasn’t got the best taste in men.

If she dated Marilyn Manson, why not Mickey Rourke? See where I’m going here?

As for Mickey, who can blame him for trying? She’s legal, smart, gorgeous and talented.

And she admits she has major father issues … Score! But please, please no "Wild Orchid III" in their future. I’m just sayin.’

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Photo: Evan Rachel Wood and her "Wrestler" co-star Mickey Rourke at a previous party. Credit WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead