Mickeyrourke Things got pretty heated with "The Wrestler" star Mickey Rourke last night.

He was spotted out on the town with a tall  blond and then dogged by the video paparazzi. You’d think after a few years of obscurity and his film now winning the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion award,  he would be OK with a little media attention. Not the case.

When asked whether he was dating his "Wrestler" costar Evan Rachel Wood, Rourke said, "Do I look like I’m dating Evan Rachel Wood this evening, guys? C’mon, get a grip. She’s a good friend, that’s about it."

He followed up with some cursing that included a gay slur. "And tell that … who said all that … in the paper, I’d like to break  his … legs."


Hey, it’s Mickey Rourke. Whaddya expect!?

But is this any way to jump-start an Oscar campaign?

Photo: Mickey Rourke and his new moustache at the recent premiere of "The Wrestler."
redit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead