Quentin Tarantino.jpgAwards season is in full swing with the Golden Globes behind us and the Oscars on their way. There is endless speculation about which awards shows and nominations will predict the winner of the golden statue for Best Picture. The SAG Awards, the BAFTAs … but all the cool kids know that the only awards list that really matters is Quentin Tarantino‘s top 11 films of the year.

The Quentin Tarantino Archives released his list of everything from Best Film to Best Director and he’s got some great picks on there. “The Artist,” a top film on everyone’s list is in there. So is “Young Adult” and “Warrior.” But there are a few films that might not appear on fancier lists. The amazing CGI work in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is recognized, along with the low budget, but seriously entertaining alien flick “Attack the Block” and the comic book prequel “X-Men First Class.”

We’re not really sure why he has “The Three Muskateers” on that list, but we’re loving the rest of it. Topping Quentin’s list? The wonderful Woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris.” Check out his full list of nominations here and let us know if you agree.

Posted by:jbusch