glee mike chang s3 ep3 Mike Chang: 10 reasons he makes us 'Glee' fulAnyone looking for evidence that “Glee” has totally bounced back from a lackluster second season need look no further than Tuesday’s (Oct. 4) episode, “Asian F.” A lot went down, but we were mostly psyched to see Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) take center stage.

Take your doubts and kiss them goodbye. “Glee” is back. Mike Chang can sing. And Harry Shum Jr. can turn in a touching performance. We always knew Mike/Harry had it in him, but after “Asian F,” there is no doubt: Mike Chang rules.

So, in honor of Mike’s (and Harry’s) big night, we’ve quickly compiled these reasons that Mike Chang rules. Clearly, there are more than 10. Add yours below in the comments section.

1. He can dance. He’s always been billed as more of a hoofer than a singer, but day-um, that solo rehearsal room number — swoon-worthy.

2. He can sing. To wit:

3. He dances with his mom. Who doesn’t love a guy who loves his mom? (And, no, Norman Bates doesn’t count.)

4. He cried when he was dancing with his mom.

5. WE cried when he was dancing with his mom.

6. He follows his heart.

7. We’re pretty sure he still has killer abs, but we’d like to be sure. (Ahem, maybe a future episode can address this.)

8. He has killer arms. As one tweeter put it, he SHOULD NOT wear shirts with sleeves ever again.

9. He truly cares about his parents, but stands up to them. Well, at least his mom.

10. The whole world loves him.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson