mike tyson chef roble ali hoax gi Mike Tyson calls Chef Roble Ali text messages a hoax

It’s probably the only time you’ll see a TV chef going toe-to-toe with a former boxing world heavyweight champion, but none of it is real, the New York Post reports. Mike Tyson is calling a series of text messages sent to Chef Roble Ali, star of Bravo’s “Chef Roble & Co.” a hoax.
It all started when Ali posted a picture of Tyson on his Instagram account. In the picture, Tyson was holding two pigeons close together, with Ali captioning it “Now kith,” joking about Mike’s lisp. He followed the photo with screenshots from his phone, the first of which appeared to be a call from “‘Iron’ Mike Tyson,” which Ali captioned “Oh s***.”
He then posted pictures of a supposed text message conversation. The first message, credited to Tyson, is a string of vulgar insults and threats, including a reference to the Nintendo game “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.” It’s followed by another message, also attributed to Tyson, laughing off the insults, telling Ali that everything is fine. Finally Ali replies, saying he’s glad Tyson can take a joke, with a promise to cook for him in the near future.
Of course, the whole thing was actually a prank put together by Ali. According to Tyson’s rep, “Mike has never heard of this chef nor would he write anything like this.” Ali admitted he didn’t expect it to be taken seriously, tweeting, “The Mike Tyson thing was a joke. I made it up. Can’t believe it made Page Six.”

Tyson is currently on tour with his one-man show, “Undisputed Truth.”
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