Mike-Tyson.jpgMike Tyson doing a one-man show in Las Vegas? Believe it or not, the answer is yes! No, seriously! “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth — Live on Stage” will run for one week April 13-18, and will be extended if it sells out.

We’re pretty sure it will, because Mike Tyson is doing a one-man show in Vegas! How can you pass that up? Tickets in the 740-seat
theater start at $99.99, with “special VIP packages” available for
$499.99. A little pricy, but just think of the weirdness factor! It’s Vegas. Maybe he’ll bite someone’s ear for an encore.

The show will be a multimedia presentation of Tyson’s life story. It’s going to be a no-holds-barred look at all aspects of his life, which leads one to wonder if the rape charge and the ear-biting  is going to be addressed. 

Would you go see Mike Tyson in Las Vegas? He was funny in “The Hangover.” Let us know your thoughts.

Posted by:jbusch