mila kunis lisa frank commercial Mila Kunis, Esquire's 'sexiest woman' uncovered in vintage Lisa Frank sticker commercialDemi Moore can dry her eyes because there’s now something to distract everyone from talking about Mila Kunis‘ steamy pictorial for Esquire. Ashton Kutcher‘s girlfriend got tongues wagging — and Demi’s tear ducts flowing, if you believe the rumors — when she took her top off for the magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” issue.

Now Urban Outfitters takes shoppers on a trip down memory lane with a 1993 commercial for sticker goddess Lisa Frank, starring none other than the sexiest woman alive. “I’ll never forget the day I got stuck on Lisa Frank,” Kunis tells the viewer, while clutching a teddy bear (this one’s less talkative than Ted).

It’s all part of a campaign the hipster retailer launched to sell limited edition vintage items from the Lisa Frank line. Now, here’s another look at the Mila with her top off:

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