Mila Kunis stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday (Dec. 3) and dishes about her holiday plans. While they don’t seem like anything major, they sure sound good to us. 
When asked what she’s going to do this holiday season, Mila responds, “Eating.”
“I plan on eating and sleeping,” the “Black Swan” actress says. After wrapping the ballerina flick, which required a very petite frame, Ellen thinks its a great plan. We agree.
“Taking care of yourself. Eating normally and healthy,” the talk-show host responds. 
Mila also spills about filming sex scenes with Justin Timberlake in the upcoming rom-com, “Friends with Benefits.” 
“It’s very awkward, it just is,” she admits. “There’s like 150 crew men watching and you see each other’s bits and pieces. The whole thing is just wrong.” 
“When you say uncomfortable,” Ellen responds, “probably not uncomfortable for most women.” At least someone said it. We don’t like hearing gorgeous celebs whine about on-screen hookups. We’re sure there are plenty of ladies who would jump at the chance to touch Justin inappropriately, in front of a 150-person crew or not. 
You can check out Mila and Justin’s “bits and pieces” when “Friends With Benefits” hits theaters in July 2011. “Black Swan” opens in limited release Friday.
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci