friends with benefits still Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake's 'Friends with Benefits' trailer: 'No Strings Attached' round 2?Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are lucky they have undeniable chemistry, otherwise we’re pretty sure this trailer for “Friends with Benefits” would be unbearable.

Not only because it lends itself to the predictability of all those “friends falling in love” rom-coms, but because to be honest — it looks like “No Strings Attached 2.” Not helping matters is the fact that when you search on IMDB for “Friends with Benefits,” the first result is “No Strings Attached,” which acknowledges “FWB” as an alternate title. How original.

Replace the goofy gal-pals with some mothers who seem way too comfortable with their kids’ sex lives, add a gay Woody Harrelson and we’ve got the same basic story: Best friends decide to get physical, struggle with emotions that accompany the sex, and end up falling in love.

Admittedly, we enjoy the casting in the new flick significantly better than the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher pairing (both of whom we like just fine, it’s nothing personal). JT and Kunis just have a certain spark that we can’t deny — throw in the fact that both are newly single, and they’re definitely in for a media storm of rumors.

Check out the trailer below. Will you go see “Friends with Benefits” when it hits theaters July 22?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci