mila kunis ukrainian anti semitic slur gi Mila Kunis targeted anti Semitic Ukrainian politician

Actress Mila Kunis is suddenly at the center of a racist controversy in the Ukraine. The situation began when Igor Miroschnichenko, a politician in that country, wrote on Facebook that Kunis was not a true Ukrainian. He then referred to her by an anti-Semitic term associated with the Holocaust.

Protests were made by Ukrainian Jews following the statement, but the country’s government okayed the term because it appears in a dictionary of the language in non-derogatory form. However, the word, “zhydovka,” is most commonly seen as a slang word used by Nazi forces when rounding up victims for death camps during World War II.

Jewish human-rights organization, the Simon Weisenthal Center, formally wrote to the Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, asking him to publicly rectify the situation. “As Prime Minister, we call on you to publically condemn this attack and to take measures to defeat the xenophobic forces that threaten your democracy,” the letter reads.

Mila Kunis was born in the Ukraine to a Jewish family but immigrated to the United States at a young age. She has not yet commented on the situation.

Posted by:Laurel Brown