Keiraknigh_ferda_9346965_600Madrid government officials, in an effort to put more meat on starving models, has banned skeletal string beans from the Madrid Spring ’07 runway shows, which begin on Monday.

They’re actually forcing fashion designers to calculate the BMI (body mass index) of their catwalk crawlers to make sure the models meet healthy standards in an effort to stop the emaciated images that help promote anorexia in young women.

According to the World Health Organization’s standards, "healthy" means that a woman – 18-22 –  who is 5′ 8 1/2" tall, cannot weigh less than 121 pounds.

Omigawd, are they kidding? That’s like a size 6!

Apparently, their scheme is working so well that Italy may follow suit.

Milan Mayor Letizia Moratti has announced plans to meet with designers to talk about beefing up the babes modeling in the Milan Fashion Week runway shows from Sept 23-Oct 1.

Perhaps Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can enforce this BMI rule in Hollywood?

C’mon, Ahnuld. If anyone can "pump up" Keira Knightley, Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie, it’s you.

It’s time we all worked together to help feed starving models and actresses everywhere.

Photo Credits: If Governor Schwarzenegger calls for a BMI test in Hollywood, Keira’s gonna have to do more a lot more lunches.
WireImage/Ferdaus Shamim

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