miley cyrus vma blonde small Miley Cyrus accused of punching a man at a nightclub: Crimial battery investigation pendingSigh. Miley Cyrus is not having a good week. First, a man wielding scissors (which are a serious weapon, as anyone who watches “Scandal” would know) was caught intruding on her property. Then, absurd rumors hit the web that she’s pregnant and has a Kardashian/Snooki reality series in the works. (Uh, no.)

Now, Cyrus is accused of criminal battery. An alleged victim went to the LAPD on Sunday, saying that Cyrus struck him in the face during an altercation at Beecher’s Madhouse nightclub at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Here’s how it (allegedly) all went down, according to TMZ. The victim says he and his buddies were sitting behind Cyrus and her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, when they accidentally jostled Hemsworth’s chair. A verbal argument escalated, and Hemsworth “got in his face” — which prompted Cyrus to break it up by pushing the victim and striking him in the face. There were no injuries. Cyrus is now a suspect in a police investigation into the incident.

This should be good.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie