liam hemsworth miley cyrus house engagement splash news online Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Together again, for the moment anyway

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are everyone’s favorite tabloid couple at the moment. Are they still together? Will they get married? Is someone cheating? Have they split up? The questions do not seem to have simple answers. But for today, anyway, it looks like Liam and Miley are together: A photograph of Hemsworth at Cyrus’ house has appeared.

As reported by, Hemsworth was spotted right outside of Cyrus’ home in Los Angeles. A photo first published by shows the actor walking casually outside of the house, carrying a golf club. There is no particular explanation for the golf club.

Rumors that the two stars had split surfaced after Miley Cyrus was photographed without her engagement ring while Hemsworth was in Australia to visit family. While Cyrus claimed that the absence was due to repairs at a jeweler’s, that didn’t stop reports of the engagement being called off. More recent photos of the singer showed the ring back in place.

Now that Hemsworth is back in the same country as his fiancee, hopefully everything will become clearer on the couple’s relationship status.

Posted by:Laurel Brown