Sorry Billy Ray Cyrus, but your daughter only wants to have one wedding, and she wants it to be perfect.

The “Achy Breaky Heart” singer was recently quoted by The Sun saying that Miley Cyrus is planning to have three weddings, but the former “Hannah Montana” star has now set the record straight on that. Cyrus visited “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and admitted that there’s only one wedding in her future.

“There’s some rumour going around that I’m having like 47 weddings — I’m not,” she says. “I’m having one wedding. That’s my day and whatever I want on that day, it will be about me and that moment, that look of love.”

She adds, “This is the one day that it’s what I choose and every detail is things that I love, and I think that look — I don’t want people to ever forget about that.”

That actually sounds pretty rational and levelheaded to us. Who knows, maybe Liam Hemsworth is the bridezilla in this relationship?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz